390JAC-022 I wanted to do a delusional transformation project as early as 6 months


390JAC-022 [Jackson will support “Delusion-chan” who delusions such things and such things! ! ] The delusion of amateur women is the most erotic! ! Jackson realizes sex that can’t be said to anyone and sex that can’t be done with a boyfriend / husband. An erotic-specific distribution program for amateurs who have a “delusion”. ① Meet at Mar ○ City in Shibuya!

【ジャクソンはあんな事やこんな事を妄想している「妄想ちゃん」を応援します!!】シロウト女性の妄想が一番エロい!! 誰にも言えない性癖や彼氏・旦那とは出来ないセックスをジャクソンが実現させます。「妄想」が膨らんだ応募素人のエロ特化型配信番組。①渋谷のマー○シティで待ち合わせ!

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