326AID-011 Emil GET masquerade as a photographer GET back of SNS Raised by girls school at the immunity thin underground idol


326AID-011 I asked the underground idol to fly the flyer and got the individual shooting right GET ☆ Called from the exchange of DM Successful ☆ The studio was not vacant, so the guide to the hotel in a hurry was taken. Beginning with the bitches of the person, it gradually breaks down, but suddenly the body is sought and the relationship between the bodies is sought.

326AID-011 フライヤー撒いてる地下アイドルに頼み込んで個撮権GET☆DMのやり取りから呼び出し成功☆スタジオが空いてなかったので急遽ホテルに案内する手際の良さ( *´艸`)からの撮影開始ww対バンしたアイドルの愚痴から始まり徐々に打ち解けていくが…急に間を詰め身体の関係を求められてパニック状態…経験人数は1人の…