JUL-160 Swim Class Adultery H-Cup Beauty Has Her First Creampie Sex Rika Aimi


JUL-160 A married woman, Rika, who has been married to her husband for three years. My husband has been busy compared to the beginning of marriage, and now I am not given much care. Rika who felt loneliness in that thing persuaded her husband that she could just walk, but she couldn’t get it. Even better, I took out the flyer this morning and gave me a guide to a swimming classroom if I had time to go. Rika decides to go to a swimming classroom while feeling shocked by the couple’s passing. I don’t know that the decision will upset the marital relationship 夫と結婚して3年の人妻・リカ。結婚当初に比べ夫が多忙になり、今は全くと言っていいほど構ってもらえていない。その事に寂しさを感じていたリカは散歩だけでもいいからと夫を説得するが取り合ってもらえない。ましてや、今朝のチラシを取り出し暇なら通えばいいと水泳教室の案内を渡してきた。夫婦のすれ違いにショックを感じながらも水泳教室に通う事を決めるリカ。その決断が夫婦関係を狂わせるとは知る由もなくて―