RBD-961 Young Lady In A Cage Haruna Kawakita Moe Hazuki


RBD-961 Saeko (Hazuki) ‘s husband fails in the business. Saeko, who was chased by Kim, consults with her only friend, Takako, a wealthy family member. “I don’t want to simulate throwing away money,” said Yuko’s father, Yuichi, who refused assistance. Saeko is forced to work at a sex shop run by a yakuza because of a ruthless decision. Eventually Saeko was helped by Takako and worked as a maid of the Asakura family, but with grudges for Yuichi, he could not forget the days of humiliation that he tasted 冴子(葉月)の夫が事業に失敗。金策に追われた冴子は、学生時代の親友で資産家の一人娘・貴子に相談する。「金をドブに捨てるようなまねはしたくない」と援助を拒んだ貴子の父親・祐一。無慈悲な決断のせいでヤクザが経営する風俗店で働かされる事になった冴子。やがて貴子に助けられ、朝倉家のメイドとして働く事になった冴子だが、祐一への恨みと共に、味わった屈辱の日々を忘れる事が出来ずにいた