ADN-238 Attackers Forgive Me Darling Neighbor S Lust 4 Mami Nagase


ADN-238 The Eri couple came to a rental apartment in Tokyo when their husband came to work at the head office. Kanno, a neighbor who seems to be kind, is a man who is doing a shady investment business at home. At first glance Kanno likes Eri and approaches Eri to satisfy her lustful desires. On the other hand, Koji, who was busy working at the head office, remained unaware that she was becoming sexless and that her relationship between her beloved wife and Sugano …   晴れて夫が本社勤務になり、都内の賃貸マンションに越してきた絵里夫婦。親切そうな隣人の菅野は、在宅でいかがわしい投資ビジネスをしている男。一目見て絵里を気に入った菅野は絵里に近づき淫らな欲望を満たそうとする。一方、本社勤務で多忙になった浩司は、セックスレスになりかけている事にも、愛する妻と菅野の関係にも気づかないままだった…。