Hibino HBAD-369 FHD Momoka Ogawa A Woman In The Showa Era In The Color Of The Young Wife Of A City That Married To The Village Of The Showa


In the Showa 30 ‘s district, crawlers were rampant. Masaka, a virtuous married woman who is married from the city, is baptized overnight in the gap her husband is going to work for. Local young people are crawled all night as they are caught in the evening, the village chief is tied up and tied up, playfully fucked and endured, Showa woman ‘s body that can endure is sometimes stinking and roaring voice.

昭和30年代 地方では夜這いが横行していた。都会から嫁いできた色香漂う貞淑な人妻桃香は、夫が出稼ぎに行っている隙に夜這いの洗礼を受ける。地元の若者には徹夜で夜這いされまくり、村長には縛られたあげく手込めにされる、弄ばれ犯され、耐える昭和女のカラダはいつしか男根をぶち込まれ悶え声をあげてしまう。

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